Welcome to The Justice Coffee House Blog!

We are a Not-For profit ministry located in Bradenton, Florida. We are More than just a Coffee Shop, We are the hands and feet to a global movement.

There is a change happening, a shift in the thinking of consumers. We are becoming more aware of the need to know where our products come from.

Here at TJCH that is our goal, To build a transparent connection between you the customer and The lives of the people who produce our products.

We know each of our suppliers and take the time to really understand the heart of their mission, Who they are helping.

When you purchase a product through TJCH you know that you are impacting the life of someone and not just driving consumerism.

Each product is hand made by local artisans who have the desire to do more for themselves and their families.

These men and women are changing the face of there villages and towns, They are setting a new level for those they influence to strive for.

You have a hand in changing the world when you choose to purchase products through The Justice Coffee House.

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